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Thank you for your time. I am looking for information as to the birth or baptism records of my grandmother, Karoline.

Her mother Guri Gulsdatter from Beinsteigen was born in the Hedalen area, and her parents Gul Beinsteigen is listed in the 1865 census with his family.

Many of the relatives are buried in the Hedalen cemetary. However Guri left Hedalen by way of Oslo on May 24th, 1889. She took her daughter Karoline, born December 15, 1887 with her to America.

We do not know Karoline's father.
My question is where are the Hedalen church records stored? I have written the stateskirke in Hamar, with no results.
Thank you. My e-mail address is mglewis@nemr.net.


Genese Lewis

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